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Georgian College - Scholarship Show Awards

"I also want to take this opportunity to thank you both, once again, for your generous donation to our Scholarship Show Awards. Attached please find pictures of the award winners, Peter van Walraven in 1st place, Makayla Gunderson in 2nd place and Yanlei Pang in 3rd. In the picture the students from left to right are: Makayla, Yanlei and Peter. These students received the top three academic scores in their year and have actually done so in every year they’ve been here so the Pierre Laurent Timepiece award is very well deserved! Thank you very much for supporting them. They are well aware of how supportive our industry has been and it a great honour for them to be rewarded for all the effort they’ve put in. I’m sure they will wear the watches with pride."

I value and am grateful for your continued support of our program and its students.


Andrea Wenckebach, Hons. B. A., M. Ed
Co-ordinator, Jewellery and Metals and Goldsmithing Programs
Georgian College| One Georgian Drive | Barrie ON | L4M 3X9

Left to Right:Andrea, Makayla, Yanlei and Peter

Kathy Switzer wearing Pierre Laurent

Kathy was the first woman to “officially” run in the Boston Marathon in 1967 in spite of an official trying to strip her of her number while running. She entered under the name K.V. Switzer as she was known and they did not imagine it could be a woman. She celebrated her 50 years by running it again in 2018.

Left to Right Paul Kwong, Jay Cameron, Katherine Switzer, her manager, and Roger Robinson, her husband